Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Here it come again the never tired finger of typing... yeahh, when its hard to express it on talking just spread in written, anyhow it will not harm anyone...

Lately i've been watching or following Malaysia politic closely.. i'm maybe one of the silent reader or even the non-voter... i'm among the one of Malaysian people that eligible to cast my vote, sadly when the election took place I been always out of sight... so yeah, 3 terms that i've been missing for the election... so far, i'm no one side...more like 0-0 voters... not a die hard fan to the government or even with the opposition... doesn't mean I'm not fan for both I do not care about it... I do care and need to be, at least know whats going on there...

As full-time traveller or being abroad for so long I do feel the difference... most of people make for living abroad the country surely notice this... for us or me basically the decision to work abroad is to get better paid than to stay inside country, it is same actually in terms of income, the thing that making it more interesting when we get paid in foreign currency.. yeah, called me crazy but I do crazy craving for this so called Dollar currencies... I'm not writting this to describe my craziness of it anyhow... just sharing how effected I am with this for living... when I going abroad for the 1st time somewhere on late 2006 if I'm not mistake, the rate between dollar and Ringgit somewhere between 3.1 or 3.1, well it was good enough on that time... yeah living on single status that time without less comittment... well, I can say every payday I will looking on the currency rate and hoping Ringgit will fall down... yeah, Ringgit falling down means i got more... month by month, year by year its been up and downs drastically... easy example we can see here:

Income of USD1k
In 2006/07 : RM3100 / 32++
Now : RM38++

The difference almost RM700, quite a big difference rite..
one thing I do realize even the rate booming up like current currency rate now at 3.8 for a dollar, its not making any change... the only point i want to say everything going up as the Dollar booming up.. there's no difference anyhow, the thing is living cost increasing higher and higher day by day... fair enough nah, get more pay more... if I say I have my future abroad for whole my life then it will be cheated to myself... anyhow there's a day when I have to say back for good, settle down in my own place... its sweet dream to be come true soon, with finger cross it will...

Why the currency going down?? For my own opinion, its simple, there's not much dollar going to our country or in specific word there's not much investor bringing business to our country... the biggest helper for bringing dollar to country from the Exporter, that mean even our exporter being down... for the sector concerntrating import produuct will impact much as they need to put more Ringgits for this foreigner currency..we know they will not bare that cost, at the end we are the consumer will take all the cost.. sad thing I can see, none of this thing been put on the top of the priority on management either government or opposition... is it true that they work for people? Just thinking little while with that... living cost increase day by day and what we can see in realtime of both parties is just try to impress everyone this is for the people... but its far from true or its near to cheating with legal step...

Well, to tell the truth with the current situation in our country... its was good to find income for a living outside of our country.. more or less i'm one of among million people bringing the foreign currency to our beloved country... is there any benefit to me or the rest for being the one saving the country.. at least we never got difficulties to go abroad like other neighborhood of us....thats the good thing indeed....


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