Sunday, August 7, 2011


i'm here back.. yeah.. many people said, when we explore something and
its working as it is, we will continuosly excited wit it.. i hope i
will excited for long time so i can keep my blog updated frequently..
the only thing updating my blog wit HP i have a small keypad than the
laptop pad..haha.. can u all imagine how i'm surving typing rite
now..hehe.. i should consider something like IPAD, Samsung tab..or
something that have a big button for typing.. currently, i'm with my
samsung wave it and u all know how i'm with this updating
my blog..

ok,.hmmm,.after a while.. i'm somewhere in my hometown.. need some
wifi connection.. for me in my hometown, i can have easily access on
wifi.. many shop give their free connection.. i just can stay in car
and thats my device and boom..hahaha.. there's not much i
wanna share, its only a rainy day here tonite.. yaps, its almost 4
hours approx of raining.. and, i cant calm stay in my home.. i need to
moving little bit, there's something heavy in my head like a stone..

ya, i'm not wearing anything like a stone in my head.. who wanna
that..not even the oldies fashion having like that..yeah.. owh ok, let
me review my wedding preparation:
1. photoshoot-this coming wednesday
2. wedd ring-purchase already from Poh Kong..
3. invitation card-to be confirm soon
4. etc-much goin on..

so far i'm happy with it coz all been step by step done..hieww.. i
think this the best way have to make as i will be busier as always
with my work.. and ya, theres also thing that challenging with this
but thank God its settle one by one.. Sometimes its hard but its only
once in lifetime..

now my finger geting weak,.hmmm.. but i'm happy can updated this..and
one more thing, after typing this i feel little bit calm and maybe
this is the time to went home.. it monday tommorrow ah..ya, lets start
it wit the new spirit day by day.. we dont know what will wait for all
of us for days to come but just think or aim for the bright future as
per the sun giving us the light everyday without bored.. ciao2 all..
my finger need break..hiewww

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