Sunday, August 7, 2011


ok, come back again.. my finger already recover i think..hiewww.. wat
a day ha.. i just cant make my eyes close for sleepin now.. i'm
suppose to be sleeping now.. tomorow is working day..and its monday
wat..hiewww.. i dont wanna force my eyes if doesnt want rite.. just
let my finger working and see how the eyes reaction..

now, i'm still out of my bed and my home..erk, i dont even have
home..its my parents home wat.. ya, watever la kn.. i used to stay day
till now..luckly, i'm not kick out from there.. no, its not european
la..we still with malaysian style.. we stay as long as we can with our
parents.. who doesnt want to own a house for him/herself kan, its
almost every people dream to make that.. that also wit me.. dont dream
for big ones but the affordable one is just nice..hehe.. after so long
in construction industry , i'm more flexible with this.. sometimes i
miss my old days when i'm still new with it.. i remember my 1st
project in Johor, build a 18th storey low cost house.. too much
experience i have there...

the most challenging for all construcion i have is the completion
date..this is the important part of all.. and guess wat? all project i
done so far have very limited finishing schedule.. not even single day
can be waste away..thats construcion.. so, when i get in to a new job,
i will apply tis kind of working enviroment..sometimes people cant
catch it and even can cause angered..but, i do help people working
everytime..when u make it on schedule, u gain fast, u pack fast went
back home.. the word no pain no gain the most usable in construcion..
ya, thats me..

owh, dare to work wit me? dont scare coz my job alSo wil have on it
own time.. we are freely doing watever we want as long as ur job
done..ya, work hard, enjoy hard.. but dont forget tomorrow stil
workday ha..hehe.. ciao2 all.. tis is finger work at nite..see ya

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