Wednesday, February 17, 2010


IT wednesday... Happy day all...ehehe... almost late wake up ooo cause of the Champions league but not late too much la... still can manage to take bath and breakfast this morning.... not walking today, just go by bus this morning, later this evening i will walking back home... feel little bit sleepy oo...ehhe.... sleep almost 3a.m ma...hehhe...have good sleep cause MU win...hahhaa... must be Ac Milan fan cannot sleep last night...hahhaa.... i'm sleeping at sofa last night, its been a week for me sleep outside..its still ok with me..where ever i can sleep..hehe..

Got to go Victoria town this something to do..yeahh, work2..hehe..better than doing nothing ha..hehe, another day in town..seems like all people working hard here, everywhere i can see people eating their lunch..hehe.. For me, no lunch today..its ok with me without lunch..i'm still surviving..haha..

Ok then, see you all again..need to work now..ciao..

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