Monday, February 15, 2010


Its monday today, its suppose to be public holiday for CNY, but its still working day for us here.. This is how the abroad working enviroment use to be.. We need to be flexibel..hehe... But its better to have something busy with, other wise only thinking of CNY..hehe..

Its a sweating day again today, been working from morning to site and now still working at our timber yard outside.. I just dont understand with this local worker here, they thinking of getting salary not even start work,.i just dont get what they the way, maybe thats the way they are..i just remember this is the island of pirater according to the history, so want or not thats the way it working here.. Maybe thats how the pirate rules work..haha

Peace to all.. And i'm waiting for bus going back to site, its too hot for walking now...

*monday bluess..hehe... To all that still on holiday mode.. Enjoy yourself there...

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